Saturday, July 14, 2012

Great Site for Anchor Charts

Here are some of my favorites I use ALL the TIME!

Our county is using Marzano's evaluation system and this is one I use. The students rate themselves on where they are at in their learning.

I have vocabulary notebooks and I use this anchor chart as a reminder anytime I am introducing new vocab and they are filling out a Frayer on a new word.

Here is another Marzano chart I use. This is different then the other one because they rate themselves on their effort on a given task.

My kiddos love this one. They rate themselves on the quality of their work in centers.

I think this is the most used anchor chart in our classroom :)

My kids were having a ROUGH time with written responses to a reading passage on a test. We went over it and over it and now they are fabulous. I even have one kiddo that highlights in the different colors to make sure that I see he wrote with all 4.

Great for our geometry unit. They each made their own using popsicle sticks.

I saw this on Pinterest and HAD to make it. This is such a great chart for those little reminders such as capitalization.

The good old Main Idea table way:
  • Watch Brain Pop Jr. Video on Main Idea and Details.
  • Then they filled out the "table" main idea graphic organizer from the Brain Pop Website.
  • And of course an anchor chart to accompany!

I recommend printing on cardstock :)
I learned this the hard way :(

It prints like a plus sign and then cut it out/ fold the sides down.

Here's how it turned out!

I Love this idea from First Grade Jungle!!
I can't wait to try this out.

Anchor Chart :)

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